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By Vanessa Peutherer
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Values Snapshot - Beliefs V. Care

Values Snapshot - Beliefs V. Care

You are working on an A&E unit and an unconcious patient comes in who is severely injured and requiring a blood transfusion otherwise it is unlikely that they will survive their injuries.

Behind the patient is a very distressed family member who is refusing treatment on their behalf, stating that the family are practising Jehovah's Witnesses and a transfusion would go against their beliefs, making the person sinful in the eyes of Jehovah and will result in them being shunned by their religion, family and friends.

The patient does not have an Advanced Decision to Refuse Treatment and the family member does not have Power of Attorney status, however you have no reason to   doubt that the patient is indeed a practising Jehovah's Witness. You are unsure of the exact rules of the faith and are unsure how to proceed but you do need to make a decision quickly. What do you do?

This case study was created originally by Tarnia Lefevre - VX Champion - Notts NHS

It is proposed that you proceed with a blood transfusion