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HEATWAVE - SHORT DILEMMA - Should shorts be allowed in the NHS for health and allied professionals during a heatwave ?

HEATWAVE - SHORT DILEMMA - Should shorts be allowed in the NHS for health and allied professionals during a heatwave ?

There is no denying that we are expreincing an extended and somewhat ususual heatwave at present, with temperatures soaring into the early thirties for the majority across the UK . Temperatures are set to rise even further with some prediciting 37C later this week -  in many regions throughout Great Britain.

Do you think it is reasonable, under these conditions,  for professionals working within the NHS to be allowed to  wear shorts as part of thier uniform? - i don't necessarily mean bermuda shorts, but maybe tailored navy shorts to the knee for example - or do you disagree with this adjustment? 

Health professionals have always attached a high regard to maintaining uniform in line with policy in the interests of upholding the reputation of professions they belong to - is wearing shorts to work unprofessional in your eyes, does it promote the wrong image?

How do you see the potential benefits and disadvantage for agreeing with the proposal?

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said 'high temperatures were leaving nurses dizzy and exhausted.'

One nurse was admitted to A&E with dehydration after working three 12-hours shifts in a row during the heatwave.

Kim Sun-Lee, national officer at the RCN, said: 'It is vital employers adapt working practices to the heat - both patients and nurses must have easy access to water, and all healthcare staff should be able to take regular breaks, preferably somewhere cool.' flexibility with uniform policies has also been advocated.

What have you experienced in your workplace?

What resonabale adjustments are reasonable to you during the heatwave we are experiencing.

What do you think? 

What is your own preference?

Source :

BBC (2018) access here : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44970993

It is proposed that Individual NHS trusts should allow professionals to wear shorts during heatwave conditions through the summer months.

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