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LISA - WEEKLY POLL - Occupational Therapy / Health Care Support Worker / All Disciplines - Rights V Duty

LISA - WEEKLY POLL - Occupational Therapy / Health Care Support Worker / All Disciplines - Rights V Duty

Lisa, 45yrs old,  is single, and lives alone. She is a part-time School Teacher at the local village Primary School.

You work part-time as an Occupational Therapist / Health Care Support Woker at a hospital 20 miles away from where you live.  Lisa is a registered patient at a local surgery, although she hardly ever visits, and she is also a direct neighbour of yours . You know Lisa quite well and socialise with her frequently - over the garden fence mainly , also at the community church group on a weekly basis.. You have noticed lately that Lisa gets a little muddled on occasions, but overall you have always been impressed by Lisa'a friendly presence and attentiveness to her garden , as well as her very smart appearance . 

You have noticed  that you have not seen Lisa for a few days in her garden, or at the last two  community meetings, which is unusual. There are visible weeds showing in Lisa's garden, the curtains are closed,  and there arefew bottles of milk piled up on the front doorstep, both of which you know Lisa would normally never tolerate. 

You wonder if Lisa is ill . You decide to knock on her door to see if she needs any help with anything . 

When Lisa opens the door you see that she looks thin, dishevelled and unkempt.  Lisa has a problem recognising you, and appears a little disorientated.  There are numerous papers and mail piled up in the hall way.  Lisa states that she is not ill and refuses to let you into the house for a chat, saying she wants to be left alone. You ask Lisa if she would like you to contact her daughter - who lives 100 miles away -  or make an appointment to see her Doctor.  Following this suggestion  Lisa becomes hostile and says very clearly that she doesn't want you to ring anyone or see a Doctor: she just wants to be left alone and slams the door abruptly. 

You leave the house feeling worried for Lisa's welfare since her behaviour was very out of character. You are concerned also because you know she doesn't receive any visits from family normally as they live hundreds of miles away. You also worry that she may be suffering from a mental health problem, or a physical problem.

What should you do?

It is proposed that you inform Lisa's General Practitioner of your concerns